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October 29, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

nail polish lines

When it comes to fall everybody knows color changes are involved, but some may forget of the subtle details where the changes occur; do not forget about the fingernails!

In the summertime ladies wear the bright neon colors on our hands and feet, because that is reflected in the weather  and most of the times our attitudes. Spring time the colors may soften up a bit with the pretty pastel colors, because just like those shades spring is soft, pretty and warm, yet not too harsh and hot like neon summer.

Well, now it’ts fall and the weather is more dreary, getting colder and the colors are starting to fade. Just like your wardrobe changes with the seasons, as do your fingernail polish color.

Fall colors for your wardrobe usually change to grays, blacks, cranberry reds, dark blues greens and purples; these colors are what should be on your nails as well. And just a further FYI, your lip colors should follow suit as well.

OPI fall colors

If you don’t know the best nail polish lines out there look into the popular OPI line. This line has worked with many celebrity names and has set a standard for nail polish lines. OPI is a pricey $8.50 a bottle, but the line does offer many colors, shades and options and is quality. It is worth the money.

Another option is Essie. This line comes in a close second to OPI, but only because it doesn’t have a lot of celebrity names behind the line, but I can atest to the quality behind this polish. It has the same amount of options and colors as OPI and runs around the same price range at $8 a bottle. This line is my personal favorite.

Of course there are other options like China glaze, and the many luxury designer names that have polish lines.

Essie fall colors

No matter what polish you use, or if you get your nails professionally done, make your wardrobe for the day be cohesive and make sense. Don’t forget your look tells a story, allow your nails to be an added detail to that story. Remember details are just as important as the main attraction. Fall in love with fall colors for your nails.

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