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October 31, 2011  | by: Katherine Bautista

East Village Jacket

This weekend was a little taste of winter for me, and as the days went by I came to realize that I was not prepared. Meaning, it was definitely time to update my closet with winter outwear, shoes, and accessories. So to help prepare you and keep you warm, I have picked out a few items that you’ll need this snowy season.

Bubble Jacket- I chose this jacket because it has grown on me in the past year. The North Face East Village Jacket is not just a big bubble jacket. Instead, it gives a feminine look with its curvy shape. To avoid bulkiness, wear items like a tank covered with a cropped sweater paired with skinny jeans underneath.

Cable Knit Socks

Socks- If you’re like me, and love knowing that your feet will stay warm, then you need to invest in some cozy cable knit socks. I usually go for thin ankle socks, but with the temperature dropping, your feet need to be protected at all times.

Juicy Couture Snow Boots

Snow Boots- Snow boots may be the most unflattering footwear you can find on the shelves, but don’t be discouraged. It may it a little time to find the perfect, fashionable snows shoes, but I can assure you, you will come across them, and once you do, grab yourself a pair without hesitation! I chose the Sarabeth Snow Boots by Juicy Couture. Furry tops and sturdy soles make these lace-up snow boots the perfect way to get attention.

Convertible Knit Mittens

Gloves/Mittens- Gloves or mittens are an absolute necessity for the snowy winter months. However, if you’re a person that has to always have their phone in their hands to either make calls, email, or text, then I suggest in investing in convertible mittens like Gap’s Convertible Knit Mittens to allow you to have the choice of covering up or setting your fingers free.

Uggs Ear Muffs

Hats/Ear Muffs- They say keeping your head and ears covered up is essential to keep the body warm. There are several ways to do so, and if you worry about your hair, go for the cute ear muffs, like the ones I chose from Uggs. However, if hats do not bother you and you want to keep your ears covered at the same time, I say go for the ski hat, like this one one from Kate Spade. Sweetly adorned with a bow, it’s a feminine twist on a snow hat to keep you toasty on cold winter days.

Multicolor Cable Knit Scarf

Scarves- No winter accessory collection would be complete without the perfect scarf. I love the thick and cozy feeling of a scarf, so I chose this perfect cream to mauve fade cable knit scarf with ribbed trim at the ends by Missoni.

Remember we never know what the weather will bring us, so grab a few of these items to keep warm!

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