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March 01, 2011  | by: M. Jason Driscoll

Lady Gaga in "Born This Way"

The Haus of Gaga has once again opened its doors and released a massively trippy, perhaps LSD-laced, musical montage of “WTF.”  It brought me to levels of “wtf” I have never reached before; at one point I think I said “wtf2.”

The video begins with a strange mixture of geometric shapes sliding up screen, down screen, here, there…basically everywhere.  Oh, and a unicorn. I’m still unsure where that four legged friend comes in, but I’m sure he’s more confused than any of us.

Then, the Lady herself starts talking about a “manifesto of mother monster” and a “birth of magnificent and magical proportions,” which peaked my interest until her stilettos swung into stirrups and I actually witnessed said birth. One of her littler monsters, I’m guessing the one she designated as her OBGYN, facilitates the birth of the new race by reaching into some area that the special effects team thankfully obscured (for that alone, they have my Grammy vote). Nonetheless, the slimy mess this woman, or androgynous creature, pulls out of Lady is most definitely bad for any viewer’s health. That portion is basically virtual syrup of Ipecac.

After that, things seemingly settle and we hear the familiar “doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M.” The choreography of the incredible Laurieann Gibson is executed in perfection by Gaga and her legions of fellow dancers, and rightfully so, Gibson is a dance floor rock star.

A "Born This Way" promotional image.

The video continues with several odd, yet totally Gaga, illusions, such as a skeleton dance number and rhythmic, awkward gyrations of her body. It ends with that goddamn unicorn again following a few moments of Lady strutting her toughest swagger through a steamy alleyway.

Gaga recently gave an interview in which she stated that she likes to kick back a few glasses of whiskey before work, and now it all makes sense. After watching it under the influence of Mr. Daniel’s, it all seemed perfect. The kaleidoscope effect gave me the spins, but I think that was intentional.

“Born This Way” was directed by Nick Knight, a fashion photographer who frequently works with Haus of Gaga endorsed labels, Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior. It was written by Gaga and I doubt Knight was given a ton of free reign to work with, but the Haus insists each creation is a collaborative and joint effort of all involved. (So who the hell decided to implant those body modifying objects into her face? Come on, that’s taking Poker Face to a whole other level.)

If you’re still unsure how to feel about it, in the words of Lady herself: “Don’t be a drag, just be a Queen.” She’s just telling you to Express Yourself. Or was that Madonna?

In all seriousness though, the song, video, and Gaga relate an anthem of self acceptance that cannot be denied. While so many other self-proclaimed artists produce cookie cutter, record label driven sameness, she one ups them all with an individuality and creativity that obviously echoes from her innermost core. In fact, Gaga announced on The Gayle King Show that she will soon release a second, “stripped-down” version of “Born This Way.” A portion of its proceeds will be donated to an anti-bullying charity.

Check out the video, in all its glory, below:

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