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February 09, 2011  | by: Lakin Starling

Theophilus London

On his fresh album debut Lovers Holiday, blossoming artist Theophilus London is breaking music barriers, fusing hip-hop with elements of the 80s and an indie-rock feel.

London has been on the scene for a while now, releasing mixtapes and featuring on other artists songs.  Now it’s his time to exhibit all of the talent that he has been cultivating the past couple of years on the underground tip.

A child of the 80s, many of his songs closely mirror the styles of Prince, Michael Jackson and even earlier artists such as Marvin Gaye. London does not stick to the typical mold when it comes to his instrumentals.  His rhymes are accompanied by retro beats and vocals.  The hip-hopper is not only good as spitting bars, he also has a pretty slick singing voice that he uses on some of the tracks on the album, such as “Flying Overseas,” featuring singer/songwriter Solange Knowles.

Lovers Holiday is an album that covers the many dimensions of love and relationships, but with a lighthearted touch.  London’s duets help paint the image of a typical young lover, living day by day.  Theophilus also slows down the album with some simple tracks that are comprised of mostly lyrical content, giving the listener a chance to focus on the meaning and depth of his lyrics.

London & Love

London is versatile and delves deep into many different musical realms on the album.  There is definitely a track on the album for all kind of music lovers. With its elements of hip-hop, techno, indie-rock and neo-soul, there is no way anyone that truly appreciates music can feel left out when listening.

In a timely manner, Theophilus released the album a week before Valentine’s Day, America’s true holiday of love. Lovers can listen to the album together, for it is sure to spark some great conversation, set dynamic background music, and provide inviting, cool vibes.

The album Lovers Holiday is now available in stores as well as on iTunes. Not a bad idea to wrap in a red bow, attached to some chocolate for your sweetheart.  Diamonds and roses are done too often.  Switch it up with a little bit of Theophilus London this Lovers Holiday.

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