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April 08, 2011  | by: Jaclyn Hendricks

The Cast of MTV's "Teen Wolf"

It seems now more than ever that the supernatural is a permanent fixture within pop culture. With Twilight and True Blood making vampires not just cool, but sexy again, and the CW smash The Vampire Diaries ruling the teen scene each and every Thursday night, its no wonder that MTV wants to hop on the bandwagon with its own spooky adaptation of a “hair-raising” eighties classic.

On Sunday June 5, immediately following the MTV Movie Awards, the network that brought us fan favorites like Jersey Shore and My Life is Liz takes a bite (literally) out of a new scripted series, Teen Wolf. Based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox original, Wolf follows high schooler Scott McCall, played by Tyler Posey, who is accidentally bitten and turned into a werewolf following an encounter in the woods. As the Daily Mail reports, the first season of the series will follow Scott’s initial transformation, while balancing not only school, but friends, family and of course, a first love.

“He’s just a kid with all these problems. I feel bad for him actually,” said Posey. “You’re going to see my character go through the transformation of becoming a werewolf.”

Although the MTV re-vamp turns the comical classic into an edgy modern love story, notable characters from the film like Stiles will be included in the new TV series.  Dylan O’Brien will be making his small screen debut as Stiles.  The new series is even drawing comparisons to old cult classics.

“When I first talked to MTV about it, I said what if we do it kind of like The Lost Boys with kind of the pace and fun of Buffy,” said Wolf’s executive producer Jeff Davis to Entertainment Weekly. “We’ve had comparisons to Vampire Diaries. That’s a very brooding melodrama. This exists closer to Buffy.”

Whatever supernatural fantasy fest this Teen Wolf is most like is for audiences to decide on June 5 at 11 PM on MTV. Hmm, wonder if there will be a full moon that night?

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