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May 02, 2011  | by: Angela Raiford

Big Boi

If you thought Justin Vernon and Kanye West was an odd musical pairing, wait to you hear the latest combo-pack of Modest Mouse and Big Boi. The musicians have been in Georgia for the last week recording and mixing tracks for the newest Modest Mouse LP. News first broke on April 25th when Big Boi tweeted:

Big Boi's Twitter Page

Not only did we find out in the tweet that he was strangely working with Portland musicians Modest Mouse, but that Chris Carmouche, known as “Mouche” was producing the album! Mouche is a rapper and producer who won a Grammy for Outkast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below and has also worked with Janelle Monae. This whole project is starting to sound very un-Modest-Mouse-like.

Details are slowly seeping out through Big Boi’s tweets, so start following him if you want to keep updated on the studio recordings. I’m so excited to hear this collaboration, I think it’s going to pain me each time he tweets about the mash-up. I mean honestly, what could this possibly sound like? Modest Mouse must have some really big changes for this new album, and if it works, maybe we’ll see Big Boi use them on his next LP.

What do you think of this collaboration? Are you anticipating the new Modest Mouse album?

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