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September 15, 2011  | by: Amanda Clarke

Leila Lopes being crowned as Miss Universe

In the beautiful San Paulo, Brazil, the 60th Annual Miss Universe Competition was held.  This year African beauty, Leila Lopes, Miss Angola took home the crown.  She stunned the judges with her beauty and cream colored gown but what swept the judges and audience off their feet was her response to the final question.

When questioned what physical trait would she change is she could, she responded with one of the most beautiful answers I’ve heard, showing her confidence and most certainly her principals from a strong family upbringing.

“Thank God I’m very satisfied with the way God created me, and I wouldn’t change a thing.  I consider myself a woman endowed with inner beauty”, Lopes said. “I have acquired many wonderful principals from my family, and I intend to follow these for the rest of my life.”

This answer screams a woman who knows exactly who she is and doesn’t seem easily bothered with the thoughts of what others think of her.  Lopes would be a wonderful role model for young girls and women who suffer from body image issues and low self-esteem. Preaching the message that inner beauty and principles are the only things that really matter.

If it wasn’t the beauty, dress, or final answer that sealed the deal then it had to be when Lopes captivated the Brazilian audience speaking in the shared language of Portuguese. Angola, like Brazil, was once a former Portuguese colony.

Miss Angola spoke of what she will be capable of doing since being crowned Miss Universe, saying, “I’ve worked with poor kids; I work in the fight against HIV.  I work to protect the elderly, and I have to do everything that my country needs. I think now as Miss Universe I will be able to do much more.”

Lopes is the first African to win Miss Universe in over thirteen years.  This win will bring light to serious poverty issues that Angola has struggled with for years.  As of 2009, Angola is record to have over 18 million people and of that 18 million, 38 percent live in poverty.

According to the CIA World Fact book, Angola was embroiled in a 27 year civil war until 2007.  BBC world reports that an estimated 300,000 people died during this period as a result of the civil war.

It looks like it will be a busy year for the new Miss Universe, Leila Lopes.  She exuded poise and elegance throughout the entire competition and more than likely she will exude those same traits throughout her time as Miss Universe.  It’s nice to see Angola in a positive light.  Hopefully the people of Angola will take this win and see that change will come.

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