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May 01, 2013  | by: Amanda Fiore
Twitter (@fashionistNE)

Twitter (@fashionistNE)


With spring here and summer on its way, its time to ditch the comfy winter sweats and for this season’s hottest trends. Although you may have all spring 2013 must-have pieces, if you do not pay attention to style detail none of it matters.

So transform a trendy outfit to a stunning outfit this spring by simply being mindful of subtle style details.  If you overlook these style details you will miss the boat on having a polished look, which will keep people questioning what exactly you are missing from your outfit.

The following five subtle style details make all difference. They are guaranteed to awe others and will keep you on the fashion radar.

Beware of your pant length. Although this tip may be a little random, matching pant length with the appropriate shoes is a fashion lifesaver. If you intend on wearing a pair of pants with heels, keep the heel size in mind. Aim for pants fall about ½ inch above the ground, just enough length that they cover the front of the heel. And if you want to wear flats, no problem.

Aim for pants that cover the shoe and touch the back of the flat, not pants that drag on the floor. The minuscule detail of pant length can make all the difference in a sloppy and refined look. No one wants pants that are too short or those that drag on the floor, so follow this style detail to achieve appropriate pant length.

Twitter (@fashionistNE)

Twitter (@fashionistNE)


Have shinny shoes. While many may say having shinny shoes in nitpicky and unnecessary, people notice shoes. Although shoes are not at eye-level, they can be the focal point of an outfit and immediately attract outside attention. Therefore make sure to clean or polish your shows frequently.

Don’t just clean the top of the shoe, the part everyone can see, but get down under the sole. Focus on cleaning the heel as well, after all this is the part that gets trapped in mud and touches the dirty streets. Remember people look at shoes, so don’t neglect them.

The following is the style rule: belt it! Simply adding a belt to pants with belt loops or whenever you tuck in shirts does a lot more for your look than you would think. This subtle style detail transforms awkward, empty belt loops to a polished, accessorized outfit. Invest in a timeless, versatile belt that will add the perfect touch to any outfit.

Twitter (@_theoneforty)

Twitter (@_theoneforty)


Hair. Yes hair is a subtle style detail that many overlook. People are not aware of the messages that hair suggest. The golden rule of hair is to keep it tidy, regardless if its up or down. Avoid going out, especially anywhere professional, with wet hair as it gives off the vibe you are messy or unprepared. Fix your hair is a neat fashion and let your hairstyle speak for you.

Nails. Nails are another neglected style detail. Dirty and chipped nails can suggest that you are unclean and careless about your looks. You could be wearing a Prada gown, but chipped nails can break the entire look. So stick to two rules, either keep your nails polish-free or polished at all times and you will be

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