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May 27, 2011  | by: LaDawn Penigar-Mitchell

Twelfth St.by Cynthia Vincent

Swap out your shorter hemlines for longer, luxurious lengths this summer because longer skirts are back in style. This once outdated style trend from the 70s has been revived, and gorgeous and long flowing skirts have been appearing everywhere. Maxi skirts are sophisticated and perfect for giving a summer outfit a casual or glamorous vibe. Plus, they are a refreshing alternative to the mini skirts that have dominated the closets of girls for years. It’s all about a minimalist approach, and long flowing maxi skirts are the ideal way to look feminine and seductive without revealing too much.

Free People

These longer skirts can range from just above the knee to ground-skimming styles and are airy, summer alternatives to jeans and leggings.

A trendy, chic look with a longer skirt can be easily achieved if one remembers it’s about balance and proportion.

It is no surprise that taller and thinner girls have more freedom when dressing in longer skirts, but rocking this style does not have to be limited to those who are. Not all of us may have been genetically blessed with height, but wearing longer skirts can actually elongate the body and create a classic silhouette that looks stylish on any body type.

Alice + Olivia

A hem grazing the floor is better for evening wear, but a skirt hitting the tops of your toes is perfect for the daytime. Wear a close-fitted top or blouse tucked in and perhaps belted with a fuller, looser skirt. If you are going for a bigger and more dramatic look, style your outfit with large accessories. Bangles and big earrings, necklaces or rings are all great ways to balance out a longer skirt. The long skirted look is also appealing when worn with heels. However, if you are tall or not comfortable in walking in heels, you can certainly pull of a ballet flat or flat boot. The point is that flats and heels work equally well for creating a chic and fashionable look with longer skirts. Just remember to not wear long skirts with a lot of volume, pleats or gathers; no girl wants to look overly large or frumpy.

The comeback of the long skirt is a welcome change from the short, skimpy look of mini skirts. These floor-sweeping and ankle-length skirts have revitalized a trend that was assumed to be a part of the past. They are perfect choices for your summer ensemble and will add an elegant, fluid look. Next time you are out shopping, search for long, lean and willowy skirts that come in array of styles and patterns from black and flowing to colorful and carefree. The effect of these skirts is glamorous yet refined while exuding the kind of confidence that doesn’t have to be overexposed.

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