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September 12, 2011  | by: Addie Stuber

Money can buy a VIP pass to an exclusive night club, a younger appearance, or the latest hybrid car. But what good is a VIP pass if you don’t have a dance partner? Who is going to appreciate that taut tummy underneath your Armani? Who will you drive your eco-friendly car home after a long day at the office? The rich and famous may claim to have it all, but when it comes down to it, none of these niceties matter unless there is someone to share them with.

Money can’t buy love and as a result, life in the lap of luxury is often downright lonely.

This is where Patti Stanger steps in. Stanger has cultivated an entire career as a love doctor for the wealthy. Her client stories are documented on “Millionaire Matchmaker,” a reality TV show on Bravo.  Stanger is not your typical matchmaker.  She’s got stilettos, big bangs and an even bigger mouth. Not one to mince words, Stanger never fails to call prospective clients out on their bull and diagnosis bad behavior as the cause of relationship woes. In past episodes, she has offered blunt observations like, “The reason you are single is because you look like an adolescent teenager,” or “If you want somebody with brains, stop letting your penis do the picking.” Though these statements are usually received with shock, from the viewer’s perspective, it’s refreshing to see brutal honesty where major butt-kissing normally resides.

Patti Stanger

Season Five of “The Millionaire Matchmaker” premiered on August 15th, and I have been keeping up. Thus far, there hasn’t been much divergence from previous plotlines, aside from the fact that Stanger has returned to LA. There are still plenty of big spenders in need of help.

Furthermore, Stanger’s track record keeps ‘em coming in droves. The Millionaire’s Club, Stanger’s company website, boasts of “an extremely high success rate; nearly four out of five men get into a relationship with our matchmaking service.” However, there is a catch, outlined in the disclaimer: “Those who would apply for the unique services offered by the Millionaire’s Club are accepted as a client only after the management is satisfied that there is a reasonable probability that the service can be effective.”

In other words, all members must follow club rules outlined by Stranger. These rules are not what one would expect after seeing the source. Though Stranger presents herself as radical, her ideologies regarding dating veer towards the realm of traditional. She elaborates on a few in her 11 Commandments of Dating For Women:

“Thou shall Let The Man Take The Lead – Men need to feel like the hunter. Let him call you first. Let him ask you out. Be the hunted!”

“Thou Shall Act Like A Lady – Be polite. Say please and thank you. Don’t cuss. Don’t sit with your legs uncrossed like a dude. Most men want their women to be refined and courteous.”

“Thou Shall Not Give Nookie On The First Date – Kissing and hugging, that’s fine. But nothing else. Take it slow, get into a relationship first—one that’s real and asked for, not assumed. Monogamy before sex.”

None of the commandments are mind-shattering. Stanger’s requests are things our mothers have always said, in a less crass manner. The weird dichotomy of Stanger versus her philosophies is what ultimately keeps me hooked from week to week. Along with her, I want to believe that true love exists for people of every financial bracket. I am also secretly hopeful that the probability of finding it is higher for those who open doors for women.

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