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September 08, 2013  | by: Neil Protacio
Twitter (MileyCyrus)

Twitter (MileyCyrus)


It’s been about a week and nobody can seem to leave our girl alone!

Miley Cyrus really riled up feathers after her eyebrow raising performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. While I do agree that wow, that was probably one of the worst performances I’ve seen from the Disney star, let’s all be a bit more realistic with what we’ve just seen. I think we’re blasting the kid for a little bit more than what she offered… or even intended to offer.

Let’s start with the blatantly obvious about why the performance has created such a stirrup. Miley coming out, serving us one-piece adult diaper realness, was disturbing. Her twerking was convulsing at best, but was enough to stupefy all five members of One Direction. Below them, Rihanna had turned to stone.

That stint she pulled by grinding all over Robin Thicke was equally creepy on both their parts, and thrusting against the foam finger? Lord Jesus, no! I wasn’t surprised when my mother allowed my little brother to flip the channel and instead watch House of a 1,000 Corpses, because let’s be real. The performance was just as vulgar. All in all, it was filthy – not because of the singing, but because of the crazy antics… although, in retrospect, when Miley hijacked Blurred Lines, I had to cover my ears in embarrassment.

Now what I want to point out is the fact that her performance for some odd reason has inspired such hatred, cruelty, and weird conclusions that it’s just as eyebrow raising as the performance itself.


Someone was quick to capitalize on the all-access feed and distribute the image of Will Smith and his family gawking at the young star, when in reality, they were caught mid-rhythm, jamming out to Lady Gaga’s opening performance. That image went viral, but the rumor mill surrounding the Smith family’s disgust was quickly decimated by pop culture blogs. Honestly, it doesn’t take a scientist to find out what the Smith family was reacting to. Look at the lower right hand corner of the screen and you’ll see Lady Gaga. Journalism, ladies and gentlemen

Another image made its rounds through social media as someone was quick enough to screen capture an image of Miley Cyrus’s tush, looking all types of unproportioned and malnourished. Of course, even without the image, haters of the interweb were quick to throw their jabs, asking someone to feed her because “don’t you need an ass to twerk?” Enter the butt shaming of Miley Cyrus.

Let’s all be clear on this: when Miley Cyrus showcased what was underneath that one-piece, bearing only her nude colored undergarments, what we found was a rockin’ body. Nobody can take a shot at her figure because from what I’m seeing, twerking – or what she thinks is twerking – is treating her figure well. Miley looks great – and for anyone to really pint-point a problem area speaks volumes about the complex women endure when it comes to being under the public eye. We’ve all heard about the struggles actresses and singers go through when it comes with maintaining their weight. It seems like the social media sphere just needs something to hate on. Rest assured, this is dirt off her shoulders.

Twitter (lawrencebower)

Twitter (lawrencebower)


Lastly, and this is probably one of the most ironic finds I’ve stumbled across – Miley Cyrus is racist.  Yes, you guys. Because casting black back-up dancers and not giving them a solo to showcase the historical “blackness” of twerking is the acme of racism to ever land on television. Talk about finding an angle!

Folks, when the critiques and name-calling dwindle down to examining the underlying social issues of a performance – especially one happening on MTV – it is time to throw in the towel. What is the point? Do we really need to address “cultural appropriation” when there are seasons full of people of all colors blatantly hiding their identity and seducing people online?  Do we need to bring attention to the fact that Miley is a white woman from the South when there are girls all over the United States getting pregnant before having stepped foot into a college? I suppose hip-hop and twerking are only for unsophisticated, ratchet black women and that any woman – or human being for that matter – who wants to be taken seriously should cover their ears and hold absolutely still when it blasts from someone’s speakers, right?

“Sometimes a VMA performance is just a VMA performance,” wrote Kevin Fallon of The Daily Beast. And to that, I say indeed. Critics and pundits are over-analyzing a purely shock value performance that MTV has been known to push. And that to me is just ridiculousness.

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