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June 27, 2013  | by: Paris Close
Twitter (MileyCyrus)

Twitter (MileyCyrus)


No one likes having their texts ignored, especially Miley Cyrus. And it seems like Papa Billy Ray Cyrus hasn’t been playing nice at all when it comes to answering his daughter’s messages, a bad move on his part. Frustrated with Papa’s ditching and dodging, Miley’s taken matters into her own hands with a game of her own: Truth or Dare?

Miley’s daring you to test her again, Billy Ray, because she isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

This past Monday, Hannah Montana sent a warning shot to her once-beloved daddy, Billy Ray, when she confronted him via Twitter with the following statement (which was deleted shortly after):

Twitter (MileyCyrus)

Twitter (MileyCyrus)


Uh oh, smells like a scandal to me!

The mystery woman pictured alongside the “We Can’t Stop” singer is actress Dylis Corman, who starred in Chicago on Broadway with Billy Ray. Anyone with a brain, or simply common sense, can see what Miley’s hinting at, and if Billy Ray doesn’t shape up soon it could get even uglier down the road.

But like all sweet-smelling schemes, a retraction is sure to follow. Shortly thereafter, Miley deleted the tweet and tried covering her tracks with the infamous “hacking” excuse (cue the “Boos!”):

Twitter (MileyCyrus)

Twitter (MileyCyrus)


Girl, please. Who you tryna’ fool?

I’ll give it to you though, Miley. It takes a lot of guts to twerk all over America, post half-naked photos of yourself on Twitter and then have the audacity to address your father in such an authoritative matter. You’ve got some nerve, chile’, but I see what you’re getting at.

If Papa’s been acting fraudulent lately, fooling around with some mistress, then it’s time to shake things up a bit. Hopefully, for our pleasure, more drama emerges from Cyrus-dom in the near future. Keep us posted, gal!

What do you think about Miley’s public threat towards her father? Think it’ll crush his “Achy Breaky Heart?”

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