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September 13, 2013  | by: Paris Close
(Instagram mileycyrus)

(Instagram mileycyrus)


Everyone saw this coming, didn’t they? Miley Cyrus, whether we like it or not, has become Hollywood’s trending name all year long. If her antics couldn’t get any more predictable, the music video release to her latest single “Wrecking Ball” demonstrates Cyrus’ sexually vulnerable side, a side that shows her fetish for licking hard objects.

I cannot lie to myself, I’m stoked that my girl Cyrus has been getting all of the attention lately (take that, Selena Gomez). It’s nearly impossible to surf the net without coming across an image of Hannah Montana shaking her bum or wagging her tongue. Even though we may not like the unbecoming image a star adopts, I don’t believe it should dictate the way we perceive their music.

With that being said, “Wrecking Ball” is the best song of Cyrus’ entire music career. It’s a grand statement to make, but it’s an accurate one. I mean, think about it: It has set an all time record of being the most popular music video ever, having been watched over 19 million times within 24 hours of its release. Although I could rant on and on about the technicalities of why “Wrecking Ball” is the singer’s greatest feat, let’s discuss the actual music.

First off, the lyrics are much more intimate and profound than anything I’ve heard from her previous albums. Even “Stay,” from Can’t Be Tamed, doesn’t match the emotions the “We Can’t Stop” singer’s newest hit. Then there’s the consistency of rhythm, with the heavy hitting bass-line giving the song the suspense it needs to carry the message home.

Usually, I don’t take kindly to pop artists releasing highly emotional tunes as singles (Or deplete the song’s power by releasing a video of them making out with sledgehammers). I couldn’t see those songs getting much airplay as everyone likes dance or twerk music, or whatever the kids call it these days. Still, with the growth of Cyrus’ fan base over the year, I’m sure radio stations will be bombarded with this song’s request.

How do you feel about “Wrecking Ball?” Are you as anxious to hear what the rest of Bangerz has to offer?

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