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April 30, 2013  | by: Kaitlyn Vella
Twitter (@littlediley)

Twitter (@littlediley)


Teen starlet Ariana Grande has spent weeks talking about her new music video with MIKA for his song “Popular Song” that she is featured on, but now the video is finally here. For all of those who were anticipating the video, it was well worth the wait.

I’m not the biggest MIKA fan in the world, meaning I don’t really follow his music. A few of his songs are on my iPod from high school, but I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a “fan.” I can’t name at least five of his songs and I had to look up his Twitter name in order to find him. That being said, my first interest in “Popular Song” and the music video for the song came from actress/singer Ariana Grande.

When I saw her tweeting about the new music video and how it had a darker twist to it, I definitely had to check it out. We’re all so used to seeing Grande as an innocent, sweet Nickelodeon girl, but this music video changes that image up a bit. She wasn’t dressed in bright colors and she didn’t have a smile plastered on her face for it. Instead, the music video resembled a Tim Burton film more than anything and I think that doing that was an amazing choice.

The music video tells a dark, twisted story that I won’t give away the ending to because, well, it’s more enjoyable to watch! It definitely has a twist in the end and overall, I think the entire video was very well done. Not only was it shot beautifully, but the entire style and feel was constant throughout the duration of the song. It definitely reminded me a lot of Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” in the scenery and colors that they chose.

The song itself is about not being popular at some point in your life, but being surrounded by popular kids who pick on you. The song progresses to tell the story about how the singer then became popular later on in life and those people who once were popular were no longer that. Because of this, even though they used to once pick on and tease the singer, they want to now be friends. It’s the typical story that I feel most celebrities have to tell about people from their childhood coming back to them once they reached their fame. I love the song because not only is it catchy, but it also gives kids who aren’t popular right now and might be bullied a little hope for the future. You never know when the tables may turn.

When it comes to how the song is actually song, I think it’s done brilliantly. Ariana Grande is definitely going to make a huge name for herself in the music industry, which is something that has become more and more evident as the weeks go on. She just has a natural talent that most people don’t. MIKA too is incredible and this song made me wonder why I never looked into his music further. Now that I’m reminded of who he is again, I’m definitely going to go back and check out some of his more work. Plus the song as a whole is fun, playing off of “Popular,” the song from the hit Broadway musical Wicked.

What do you think of this song and music video?

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