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February 13, 2012  | by: Virginia Van de Wall

Jennifer Hudson and Adele had some of the best vocals of the night



The Grammys focused less of its attention on the awards this year and instead, amped up the performances and tribute pieces. There were so many fabulous performances – the Beach Boys reunited for a couple songs and Alicia Keys sang a beautiful tribute to Etta James with Bonnie Raitt. This being said, one thing is for certain, a three and a half hour long awards show, is just too long.

There was no shortage of performances at this year’s Grammy Awards. The show tried so hard to mix in every popular artist and genre loved among the generations that the show ended up dragging on, and on, and on. To cut down the time, performers really should of only sung once during the night. Why not just ax Chris Brown’s solo performance at the beginning of the show, and only feature his collaborative performance with Lil’ Wayne?

After the show was all said and done, there were a select few performances that stood out in my mind. The main one being Jennifer Hudson’s tribute to Whitney Houston. Hudson sang so beautifully and with such emotion that tears came to my eyes. I could not think of a better artist to honor the late Whitney Houston.

Starting off the night right, Bruno Mars graced the room with a medley that showcased his amazing vocals and impeccable dance moves. If you weren’t a Bruno Mars fan before his performance, you were bound to be one after. The singer had everyone out of their seats dancing (as if they had a choice) after saying, “Get off your rich asses and lets have some fun.”

Nicki Minaj had a huge production planned for her performance. The rapper acted out an exorcism skit to go along with her choice of song for the night, “Roman.” I wouldn’t have expected anything less flashy and elaborate from Ms. Minaj!

Not only did Adele sweep the Grammy Awards (as predicted), but she had an amazing live performance. It sounded as if the “Rolling in the Deep” singer’s vocal chords are as good as new.

Though dreadfully long, the Grammys did a great job of appealing to everyone. The show featured country music, rap, hip-hop, rock, dub step, house music, soul, and oldies. Every person of almost every generation could take something away from last nights Grammy Awards.

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