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June 01, 2013  | by: Paris Close
(left: maxthewantedd/ right: louist1991x)

(left: maxthewantedd/ right: louist1991x)


Personally, I don’t care for either Max George of The Wanted or Louis Tomlinson of One Diirection, but this ongoing feud is about as tedious as an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

There’s a rule of thumb in the music industry: Whenever answering a question about your rival band, knowing it’ll spark an altercation, the response should always be, “no comment.” Sure, it’s plain but its also safe.

How does the saying go, again? “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”. That’s exactly what Max George didn’t do during an interview with The Wanted on May 30.

During one of host Andy Cohen’s infamous 30-second grilling sessions on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, this question was asked: “Which member of One Direction is most likely to come out of the closet first?” While other Wanted members stalled their responses, George was quick to answer, “Louis Tominlinson,” ensuing audience laughter.

Instagram (louist1991x)

Instagram (louist1991x)


George’s response landed him right into the pits of controversial hell, fully immersed in Twitter-hatred:

Instagram (makeitin_max)

Instagram (makeitin_max)


Then, another fairly “interesting” response from George led to even greater laughter (my own, essentially) when the band was asked which member has slept with the most fans and, once again, George gave a shameless response, “Me.” Although George joked about the situation, he seemed extremely pleased with himself. Is that really something to  be proud of, bro? Seems more like “reverse” groupie behavior if you ask me.

The big issue here, is the back-and-forth shots taken between both bands. We all know this “beef,” started with the feud between 1D’s Zayn Malik and George in November 2012 which has since bubbled into an all out rivalry.

I really can’t fault George for his speculations, because he is, of course, entitled to those opinions. But unless he intended to be condemned by every One Directioner on this planet, he should’ve kept his mouth shut. A whimsical smirk goes a long way, my friend.

Oh well, let the backlash begin!

What’s your take? Think there’s some truth to George’s remark, or is he simply jealous of his rival’s fame?

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