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May 31, 2011  | by: Abby Adesanya

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Back in 2005, media was buzzing with the creation of the term “hobo-chic“, a flip of the already coined “boho” that applied to young Hollywood’s new addiction to homeless-esque attire. Even when covered in layers and layers of fabric while hiding behind oversized sunglasses, we were obsessed with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s style, and celebrities like Sienna Miller and Rachel Bilson followed suit. From the East Coast to across the pond, drapery was in. But everyone couldn’t help but wonder: Why? What was the reason behind all the layers other than staying warm?

Ashley Olsen explains, it was all about escaping the paparazzi. “That moment for us was us waking up, going to school, and not wanting anyone to take our picture. Kind of a piece of protection,” she tells in an interview with Style.com. Mary-Kate’s was more about sheltering from the cold winters of New York, a big difference from the sunny days in Los Angeles they were used to. She tells in the interview, “For me, it was so cold, like the wind chill. How could you not put on 20 things when you’re going from Los Angeles to walking through the snow? … I think it was probably that. And laziness.”

Their fashion line, The Row, has a whole different and more modern approach, enough to snag the attention of fashion icons like Lauren Hutton and Michelle Obama. Nominated for a CFDA womenswear award, their line is highly-valued, and highly-sought after. With seasonal and pre-collections available on net-a-porter.com, t-shirts start at $300. Worth the wallet-emptying price? In my dreams, I’d like to think so.

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