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April 29, 2013  | by: Leigh Badrigian
Screen shot 2013-04-27 at 12.30.25 PM

Flickr (PBS PressRoom)


It seem like 71-year-old, Martha Stewart, is now ready to dip a (no doubt, perfectly pedicured) toe back in the dating pool. How is she doing it? With Match.com!

Well…kind of. Sweet Martha recently sat down with now nearly bald host of the Today Show, Matt Lauer, to promote her latest book, the soon to be bestseller, Living the Good Long Life. The conversation soon shifted to Martha’s love life (riveting television), and that’s when Martha confessed that she tried creating a profile for Match.com! However, she found herself unable to complete it. Not because she couldn’t think of enough things to put under “Hobbies,” (gawd knows the woman’s got hobbies), but because she found the whole questionnaire totally hilaire!

Screen shot 2013-04-27 at 12.34.44 PM

Flickr (waynelambright)

She told Matt, “I started to laugh halfway down the page. It was, like, impossible!” Hey hey hey, wait a minute young lady! Match.com is serious business! It’s the number one destination for online dating…the bees knees for those hoping for the birds and the bees…or love or whatever.

Martha should have gone all the way with Match. Her profile would be bangin’! She’d get, like, 3,000 winks a minute! I mean, can you believe the woman’s 71?! She doesn’t look a day over 65! I bet she could even go the cougar route and list “men under 60″ as her desired age group!

And though her and Match weren’t a good…um…match, and though she still hasn’t “found the next Mr. Right,” Martha says she “loves dating.” She was married to publisher Andy Stewart for nearly 30 years, and recently ended a longterm relationship with computer software billionaire, Charles Simonyi. Apparently she even had a thing with Sir Anthony Hopkins! You go, girl!

I have no doubt that Martha will find a man. She’s practically every man’s dream come true. She loves cooking and cleaning and she really knows how to hoe. Any guy would be lucky to call Martha their number one gal. Her passion for life is inspiring and she’s practically written the book on living the good long life! Seriously, though…she literally just wrote that book. Good for you, Martha Stew!

Do you guys see Martha finding Mr. Right? Maybe you could help fix her up with an oldie but goodie! 

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