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April 30, 2012  | by: Wendy Vazquez

Maria Garcia

Winter is finally over, and now we get our big chance to finally break into spring! But transitioning your wardrobe might be hard. Maria Garcia helps us get our feet wet and tackle our closets. The Atlantic City native, and mother of one is not only dedicated to fashion, but has managed to develop her own outlook as well, despite her crazy schedule. Finding a time for fashion is what it’s all about!

How do you determine your everyday look?

I don’t have much time to get myself ready in the morning while trying to dress my son, so it helps to pick out my outfits the night before. If I’m going to keep it simple–which I usually do–with a button up and skinny jeans, I want to make them look a little stylish by playing with my shoes and accessories.

How would you describe your style?

I wouldn’t. I don’t always dress preppy or girly. I guess I would call it classic. I like to stick with classic pieces, but i’m constantly buying new necklaces and bracelets to change up my outfits. Instead of buying new garments, which lets face wouldn’t work for me since I have to worry about my family, I’d rather buy small accessories. Accessories are a powerful thing these days!

What’s important to know for this spring?

Everything! Pay attention to magazines, not just to copy a style, put to take a piece you love, and dress it up with other things you haven’t noticed in your closet. This time of year I always make sure I pack up most of my winter stuff and store it somewhere, so I don’t have to waste time sifting through stuff. When I bring my spring wardrobe out, I immediately see what I wouldn’t wear and donate it. It’s important to take things you already have and pair them with different things. You don’t want to waste more money than you should on clothes.

Maria Garcia and her son

What makes an outfit?

Like I said before, accessories are everything, especially this spring. Stay away from buying new clothes and instead buy more carves, belts, and anything else you’ll like. You can put satin scarves on purses, or use them as belts. I love playing with them. Why buy one new outfit when you can buy 5 accessories to change multiple looks, and still have money for some take-out with your significant other? I don’t see a point in it.

What kind of buying tips would you give EMC readers?

Stick to basics, you’ll always be able to dress them up or down, and change them around. Play with accessories you’ve never considered before, and go crazy–trust me, you won’t believe so many different ways you can wear things. Clean out your closets and donate! If you haven’t worn it in three months, chances are you won’t wear again! And finally have fun! Spring and summer are great because of all the fun you can have with your outfits. Let loose, and don’t worry about what others think. You’ll get more compliments that way.

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