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February 24, 2012  | by: Nicholas Persad

Some great looks from the 2012 Spring Collection by one of my fav menswear designers, Dsquared2

Men often think they can getaway from being criticized about their style. Their delusions convince them that they can slip on an old pair of sweats and a Hollister hoodie and step out of their house with an “I don’t give an eff about fashion” swagger and not be judged. I give props to the guys who still believe that.

We live in materialistic times and even a pair of sweats and a tacky hoodie with a bird plastered on it says something about you. The first opinion, in my experience, is “Oh, look at that douche bag”. The second, which I believe is the more common theory, is “This guy dresses “down” because he wants people to think he doesn’t care about how he looks. Unfortunately, we can all see he carefully planned this ‘look’ to give off that image. What a poser!”

So guys, if you’ve ever had that awkward moment when someone looks at you, then suddenly cringes when they see your outfit, take heed of my list of magazines every man should read or, better yet, subscribe too.

1)   Vman Magazine

Tahar Rahim on the latest issue of Vman

This is for the man, like myself, who has high fashion aspirations. Every item of clothing showcased in this mag is tres chic and subsequently uber expensive. I love it! Whoever said money can’t buy class never flipped through the pages of Vman. It also caters to the man interested in art, culture and travel—this should be every single man on earth, by the way.

It is published quarterly by Visionaire Publishing, that also publishes the fabulous V Magazine. The Spring Fashion Issue is out now and features France’s Tahar Rahim on the cover.

2)   Nylon Guys

Josh Hutcherson on the March 2012 issue of Nylon Guys

This magazine is aimed at the younger dude and like its slogan says, “Not for girls.” It features a lot of trendy clothing that sometimes borders on being a little too hipster for my taste, but I still love it. For the guy who wants to improve his wardrobe but not read about clothing on every page, Nylon Guys is your ideal read. You can learn about the latest gadgets as well as read up on the hottie, whose name you can’t remember, that you saw on TV last night while watching Grey’s Anatomy with your girlfriend. It’s an all around guys magazine and a great one at that!

3)   Arena Homme +

Arena Homme +

Most men probably don’t even know this magazine exists. That’s what makes its content all the more desirable. It is deemed, “The acclaimed bible of contemporary male style,” and it truly is. It is published biannually to coincide with the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter Collections. This magazine draws in an older male reader roughly in his late 30′s who is highly educated and stylish. Personally, I read it simply to witness the amazing work of the established photographers and writers who use it as a forum to produce new work.

Adele on the cover of the latest Vogue

Finally, I think it is essential for a fashion-forward man to know the latest trends in women’s fashion, so my fourth and fifth magazines for men to read are Harper’s Bazaar and, of course, Vogue. Both magazines offer contemporary and unique outlooks on women’s fashion while highlighting some of the best designers in the biz such as Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld and Alexander Wang.

Alright men! I have equipped you with the tools you need so as not to look like a tool. Use them!

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