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June 04, 2012  | by: Christopher Burns

Madonna's Outfits at her First MDNA Show

Madonna’s tour promoting her new album, MDNA, took flight this week in Tel Aviv, Israel. Ignoring the obvious ridiculousness of the tour’s title (ecstasy is a hell of a drug), the opening performance was apparently an ironic attack on violence in the Middle East. Madonna’s previous attempts at political activism are to be lauded, and this concert was another chapter in that book.

"Like a Prayer" Music Video

Entering the stage, Madonna was surrounded by what MTV said were both Christian and Satanic symbols, a throwback to her earlier days portraying a black Jesus in the music video for “Like a Prayer.” The “Concert For Peace” as it was called, was put together to raise awareness of overarching violence in the Middle East, though I always thought Fox News was doing a great job making the American Public terrified of terrorist attacks and dangerous desert nations.

During the set, Madonna and her dancers brandished Kalashnikov rifles, Uzi sub-machine guns (Israeli designed and made weapons), and pistols. At one point the singer was even wrapped in an Israeli flag, and called Israel the “energy center of the world” according to The AP. Though Madonna is not officialy Jewish, she is a follower of the mystical sub-category of Judaism, Kabbalah.

This news has got me clammering for my own MDNA ticket. It seems as if this Madonna tour may even put Lady Gaga to shame. At one point during the set, she intentionally dissed Gaga specifically stating that “she’s not me.” Here’s to hoping that rivalry heats up a little more during the steamy Summer heat.

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