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April 09, 2013  | by: Kelly Hanelt
Cheers to that. Twitter (@HuffPostTV)

Cheers to that.
Twitter (@HuffPostTV)



Have you not been watching “Mad Men”?


I understand that Sunday night is a veritable cornucopia of TV dramas. So many shows, but just one choice. Let me make it simple for you – “Revenge” no longer makes sense, “Once Upon A Time” never did, “Game of Thrones” will be on the internet about 30 seconds after it ends, so why bother, and “The Walking Dead” is over for the season. Feeling at a loss? Enter Don Draper.

With a drag of his cigarette and a flash of that enigmatic smirk, Jon Hamm can literally dissolve your everyday worries. Just for one exquisite hour (or two, this past Sunday night) life is but Don Draper’s dream.

The poignant irony being, of course, that his dream life is a bit of a nightmare. Season 6 of the AMC drama opened with Don in a disappointingly recurrent scenario – in the bed and arms of a woman who is not his wife, Megan. A woman who is, however, Linda Cardellini, in a brilliant return to TV since her defining days on “Freaks and Geeks” and “Boy Meets World.” We knew Don wouldn’t couldn’t stay faithful, it’s not in his nature. And given Megan’s defiance at the end of last season, the reinstatement of his adulterous ways is far from surprising.

The rest of the two hours included the death of Roger’s mother, the continued career successes of Megan and Peggy, and a glimpse at how everything in Don Draper’s life has come to change… except for him.

It wouldn’t do to get caught up in the plot for those of you who haven’t yet seen the show, so I’ll appeal to you this way – start watching now. TV has rarely seen a show so crafted as “Mad Men” that exudes such escapist delight, yet features characters so hapless that they are deemed unfit to even rescue themselves. The show is a challenge. It does not present its own resolutions so much as it subtly leads you to them. Essays and books and volumes could be written trying to extrapolate the intricacies of the show into themes and messages and social commentary, but why waste the words? The best way to understand “Mad Men” is to watch it.

If I cannot tempt you enough with my own words, take a peek at the upcoming season below.

Now, do you get what makes America simply so mad for “Mad Men”?

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