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December 26, 2011  | by: Aubrian Body

Luke Sharp

Luke Sharp isn’t your typical rapper. He doesn’t objectify women or rap about selling drugs, and he tells single mothers he appreciates them. It’s hard to find a rapper with meaning and character these days. Rap has often been about showing off your money and fame, but it has ALWAYS been about making women feel inferior to men. Luke Sharp is in the rap game to change it, not blend in. I got a chance to chat with him to figure out who he is and why his rapping style is so different.

emcBlue: Your parents separated when you were 13, you expereimented with drugs, but you have completely changed into an all-around nice guy and role model. What led to those events?

Luke Sharp: ”When my parents split, I was looking for a new family. At the same time, I was kind of trying to find myself, and sometimes to find yourself, you have to find out what you are not. I met people who said I’d be safe hanging out with them, people who said they would never let me get hurt and after being so hurt by my parents’ separation, it made sense to me.

What led me to wake up was the fact I witnessed things that were like a nightmare.  Mothers neglecting their children because they would rather be high, people with needles in their arms, people so down and so ill that it made me evaluate what I was doing and where I was really heading.  Going through all this and then seeing younger generations face the same problem, I wanted to be a part of the change; a part of something better and bigger.  So now I focus on trying to lead the younger generation in a better direction in hopes they find what it is they are looking for themselves through more positive means.

What inspired you to write “I Really Love You”? Its a huge hit amongst the ladies.  Did you expect it to be?

I was inspired to write the song “I Really Love You” because society in general seems to “demonize” single mothers and place stereotypes on them. I really wanted to pay homage and respect to those ladies who really do their best for their children even against the extreme odds they face. I wanted to let them know that they are appreciated! And I almost didn’t release the record to be honest. I thought it might come across as corny but even the fellaz was saying they loved it, and I think it was because a lot of dudes were raised by single mothers themselves. I didn’t expect any attention to that song at all.


With so many artist in the music industry, how do you feel you’re set apart from them? What makes Luke Sharp different?

There’s too many artists in the industry, you all need to quit! (laughs) I’m just kidding. But what sets me apart from every artist is I write from my heart. I’ll write about things most hip-hop artists won’t touch. I refuse to glorify money, and I refuse to see women as “hoes” and portray them in that light. I’m completely against the grain. I make music about changing in positive ways, and wanting more from life then money and fame and everything else that is worthless when it comes to growing as an individual or having happiness in general. What makes me different is my only priority with music is to make the world better, and help people change in positive ways.

“F the Illuminati” is a controversial song and topic. What made you write a song like that?

I wrote the song “F the Illuminati” to show the people I’m with them, I’m part of the 99 percent. I wanted to tell people some things they might not know, and hopefully wake some people up. Hopefully people will begin asking questions, and researching themselves to find out what’s really going on in the world, as well as with politics and economics. I also wrote it to tell the industry they can’t sign me and I’m not for sale. I’m going to do everything I can to be part of what ultimately brings the elite and the way they rule over us down.

Luke Sharp

Are you influenced by other music artists at all?

I’m inspired by artists that stand for more then their music, like Tupac and Bob Marley.

Musically I’m inspired by artists who make music about something with meaning. Too much music has no real meaning behind it now-a-days.

You’re from Canada.  Is that like some breeding camp for great music artists?

(laughs) To be honest, Canada has a ton of artists who could be platinum selling artists in all genres of music. It’s only recently, thanks to Drake and Justin Bieber most notably, that Canada is finally being looked at as a place where good music and talented artists come from. We’re finally getting some recognition on an international level. So thanks to Drake and JB for really breaking down doors for us.

When you’re on the road doing shows or in the studio working hard, what’s your favorite snack to have on hand?

My fav snack in the studio or on the road is probably a Butterfinger candy bar. And energy drinks. You can always find one of those in my hand at some point in the studio or on tour.

So there are rappers with integrity. Luke Sharp is the definition of it. He raps with a message and the intention of saving others from the destructive paths he once stumbled down. He’s not a stuck up celebrity, in fact he always has Twitter conversations with fans and gives them shout-outs daily. He has a charisma about him that instantly makes you want to befriend him. Luke won’t let the industry change him and has won my heart over as an artist.

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