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December 13, 2010  | by: Aziza Sullivan


Ludo, the St. Louis rock band whose name was born of a David Bowie/Jim Henson collaboration, quietly crept onto–then up–the charts in 2008 with their smash hit single,’Love Me Dead‘. In the last two years, the little known band has quickly developed a cult following with a string of witty lyrics and catchy tunes, including:

Good Will Hunting By Myself,’ – a better (or more hilarious) break up song you will never find. Ever.

‘Girls on Trampolines’ – in which a few characters named ‘Nice Guy’, ‘Drunk Guy’ and ‘Weed Guy’ try to get to ‘Party Guy’s'…well, party.

‘Lake Pontchartrain’ – a haunted lake which devours anyone who eats the wrong crayfish.

‘Whipped Cream’ – Ludo’s newest single, which lead singer Andrew Volpe asserts  is “not actually about whipped cream.”

The latest of these, Whipped Cream, appears on Ludo’s fourth album, released September 7th of this year. It follows 2008′s ‘You’re Awful, I Love You’, 2005′s ‘Broken Bride’, a heart-wrenching rock opera that tells its tragic story over the course of its five haunting songs, and features another popular track, ‘Save Our City‘, and 2004′s ‘Ludo’.

Clever, quirky lyrics are a staple for the band, and their newly released fourth album is no different. Prepare the Preparations, released September 7, 2010. From the eerily addictive ‘Skeletons on Parade‘ to the fairy-tale-folk-song-turned-love letter of ‘Anything for You‘ (far and away my favorite song on the album), Prepare the Preparations takes the best attributes of the previous three albums and mixes them up for a better-than-good, can’t-skip-a-single-song CD.

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