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April 10, 2012  | by: Terralynn Fortune

Louboutin's "Staratata" (left) and Simpson's "Evangel" (right)

This time instead of Yves Saint Laurent, it’s Jessica Simpson’s shoes that are supposedly copying one of Mr. Louboutin’s creations. The great news is that fashion hipsters can now choose if they want the red-bottomed “Staratata” or Jessica Simpson’s “Evangel.” Check it out for yourself. It’s a great design!

Now these shoes don’t look exactly alike, but they look similar enough to cause a little commotion in the fashion world. The lavender and black platform heels with hot pink straps and yellow piping wasn’t done in coincidence.

Jessica Simpson's new ad for her brand shows off her Christian Louboutin knock-offs..

Back in 2010, Louboutin first designed the “Staratata,” but lucky for Jessica Simpson, clothing and accessories aren’t protected by the copyright law in the US. This means that the French designer can’t take any action for Simpson swiping his design. Fans shouldn’t be too disappointed by this, because if the decision is made between the $995 “Staratata” and the $98 “Evangel,” shoppers will definitely be picking up Simpson’s shoe. They’re available in not only the “original” colors but two other options: in leopard print with acid yellow piping, red heel and a neutral sole, or in a blue strap with yellow piping, green heel and black sole.

Leopard and blue are the other colors in which the "Evangel" are available.

In all honesty, this is a great perk celebrities get when they cross over into the fashion industry. They see a pair of heels they think are hot and instead of buying them from the designer, they just make look-a-likes and sell them as their own brand. That’s a win-win situation in my book.

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