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November 03, 2012  | by: Martha Adjei

Ashlee Simpson in her new video, Bat for a Heart

We haven’t heard from Ashlee Simpson in a while, not since her hit single Outta My Head from her album, Bittersweet World back in 2008. But after four years, the pop-punk songstress has a new song and music video.

Before you watch the video, there’s a disclaimer: Ashlee warns fans on twitter that she throws down the f-bomb during the chorus. The new song is called “Bat for a Heart”, and there is a 51-second teaser for the new video on Youtube.

The video is a little more sexually suggestive than we’re used to seeing from Ashlee, as she is rolling around in bed in her underwear, pulling at her clothes, and doing ballet with next to no clothes on. (But by today’s standards, I guess you can say that’s pretty tame). But anyway, Ashlee’s isn’t the only Simpson making headlines

Blogs are going crazy between the sudden divorce between Ashlee Simpson’s and Jessica Simpson’s parents, Joe and Tina, after 34-years of marriage. Sources say that the reason for the sudden divorce is because Joe Simpson recently revealed to family members that he was gay, and that his alleged 21-year-old lover, Bryce Chandler Hill openly bragged about ‘hooking up’ with Joe ‘for a while ,’ according to Radar Online. Simpson and his party deny allegations that he and the young man were ever in a relationship.

It seems like a lot is going on with the Simpson family. Ashlee is turning over a risque new leaf , and Joe Simpson is caught in a messy divorce scandal. What do you think about Ashlee’s new video? Do you think her new direction is music is a result of the frustration of her parents’ divorce? The story is still developing, but only time will tell!

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