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April 11, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Twitter (sheandhim)

Twitter (sheandhim)


If you ever wandered into a Barnes & Noble or any gloriously twee place crammed with the essential “bohemian” items (think a coffee shop with exposed brick wall and a cute barista who probably majored in Medieval Lit), chances are that a She & Him album is on heavy rotation. The indie-pop duo has made a name for themselves in the realm of dreamy, wistfully melancholic tunes, and stand as a legitimate force in their genre despite their celebrity roots (if you don’t know already, Zooey Deschanel provides vocals).

The band dabbled with vintage rock n’ roll and even country on their previous two albums, but seem to have returned to a blissfully saccharine sound with their new track, “I Could’ve Been Your Girl.” Even though the title and the lyrics reference an unrequited love – with lyrics like “I guess I haven’t won / I could’ve been your girl / and you could’ve been my four leaf clover” – the song is framed in She & Him’s trademark, lingering optimism. Zooey’s tender voice is highlighted by swooping strings and guitar work (thanks to bandmate M. Ward), and the results are simply divine.

The duo’s tunes are even more impressive when one learns that they collaborate almost exclusively via email (considering Deschanel is busy nowadays with hit show, New Girl). She & Him’s third album, Volume 3, is set for a May 7 release (preorder here) and the band is also embarking on a tour across America starting June 13. The album features appearances by Minutemen and Stooge’s bassist Mike Watt, along with members of NRBQ, Tilly and the Wall, Rilo Kiley and Devotchka.

Flickr (ChrisGoldNY)

Flickr (ChrisGoldNY)


A summer tour seems perfect for the band, considering “I Could’ve Been Your Girl” is contains the very best of sunny pop (I can see myself reclining poolside and listening to this on my headphones.) After missing new material from She & Him since 2011 (with the release of their holiday album, A Very She & Him Christmas), I’m glad they’re back.

Listen to the song below and let us know what you think!

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