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March 14, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Twitter (SelG_My_World)

Twitter (SelG_My_World)


Selena Gomez has been really busy cleaning out her closet these past few weeks, and her handiwork seems to be paying off. She dropped the Biebs from her life at the most ideal moment in time: literally a few weeks after the deed was done, Justin Bieber started going off the deep end.

Imagine suddenly dealing with your beau wearing a gas mask in public and attempting to “beat the f***” out of a paparazzi who is literally twice their size - all in the span of one week. Her Disney past was also let go quite smoothly, thanks to snagging a lead role in director Harmony Korine’s raunchy, R-rated flick Spring Breakers (a future classic in cinema on par with Citizen Kane, by the way).

It makes me truly wonder if this girl carries around a pocket-sized fairy godmother who dishes out omniscient truths in her ear during press releases or something. Especially since Gomez is a big fan of taking risks: she recently dropped her entire backup band for her forthcoming album release, and is now just Selena Gomez, without the “Scene.”

YouTube (Selena Gomez)

YouTube (Selena Gomez)


Thankfully, Gomez seems has warmed up to the single life pretty well. The first taste of the hush-hush album is “Rule the World,” and its a dance track that literally latches onto your brain with its pulsing beat and fetching hook. The song is essentially a breakup song, but what’s special about it is its incredible, anthem-like appeal. The same strategy has worked with great success for Gomez’s good buddy Taylor Swift, and it looks like Gomez took some pointers from her Grammy award-winning friend after her split with Bieber on her first solo album.

I can easily see a ton of girls – including me and my girlfriends – screaming on the dance floor if this ever comes on at a club in the future. Expect a lot of people chanting every word – “Forget forever!” –  to this song like they’re indulging in a cultish ritual this summer. It seems like Gomez is moving fast to establish herself as the future queen of dance-pop, considering most of her past hits – like “Love You Like a Love Song,” which is probably the biggest guilty pleasure song of all time – fall in the genre.

Gomez also has a world tour planned with her album release, so big kudos to her publicists (and possible fairy god mother) for her imminent world domination.

Do you love Gomez’s “Rule the World”? Listen to it below.

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