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April 04, 2013  | by: Susie Bijan
Flickr (NRK P3)

Flickr (NRK P3)


The brunette English singer-songwriter Jessie Ware is a huge hit back in the United Kingdom,  and is a relatively underground success stateside. Her impressive voice carries the same commanding presence as fellow English songstress Adele, yet her music brings something completely different to the table by marrying the jolting energy found in electronica with the soulfully content sensibilities dominant in R&B. Her debut studio album released in 2012, Devotion, gifted the musical scene with “Wildest Moments,” a lush and earthy track that blazes the senses.

But can Ware make a smash in the United States? Many have praised her worthy debut back at home, and Clash magazine went so far as to say that she’s “the missing link between Adele, SBTRKT and Sade.” She seems like an immediate match made in heaven for eclectic music fans, but her unique sound may take some time to fully digest for the mainstream market stateside. Ware’s currently playing that gamble by promoting Devotion with a U.S. tour, and recently unveiled a groovy new single on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 set for a stateside release in spring.

“Imagine It Was Us,” is a full-fledged ’90s club banger, with clashing synths and Ware’s breathy and sultry vocals. The song presents Ware at her most fun, and features flirty lyrics that contain a lighthearted romanticism. It’s a perfect full-fledged effort for her US debut, and gives a taste of what to expect in terms of new material. Even though the seductive track diverges from her usual sound, the production quality of “Imagine It Was Us” – thanks to frequent collaborator, Julio Bashmore – gives the polished song an enduringly addictive appeal for new listeners.

What do you think of “Imagine It Was Us?” Are you a fan of Ware? Listen to her new track below, and tell us what you think! And if you need an extra push to dive in to her music, listen to the newly remixed version of “Wildest Moments,” by rising New York rapper, A$AP Rocky.

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