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February 12, 2011  | by: Jaclyn Hendricks


Lindsay Lohan entering court.

Lindsay Lohan entering court.

Barely two months into 2011 and troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan is already making headlines, but for all the wrong reasons. After completing a rehab stint (probably her longest yet) at the Betty Ford clinic, Lohan seemed to be making the appropriate strides to better not only herself, but to save her faltering career. Yet, her New Year’s resolution to stay out of trouble was cut short as the 24-year-old was caught red handed in the middle of a stolen necklace scandal, not only sending her back to the LA County Court House, but a felony charge.

Though Lohan managed to post the $40,000 bail this time around, that doesn’t mean she’s off the hook quite yet. If convicted of her charges, the Herbie: Fully Loaded star could face jail time, as well as public humiliation from a new mugshot to add to her collection. As much as her fans are pulling for this former Disney darling to get her act together and salvage what’s left of her career, things are definitely not looking up for the once promising actress.

After kick starting her film career in 1998 with the remake of the Disney classic The Parent Trap the then “redhead-on-the-rise” took a bit of a personal hiatus, before reaching teen queen superstardom in yet ANOTHER Disney remake, Freaky Friday. Grossing more than $100 million in the U.S., Lohan broke out onto the scene and captured the hearts of both audiences and critics alike in her most notable role to date, the infamous Mean Girls. The 2004 comedy co-starring Tina Fey and Rachel McAdams has been one of Lohan’s biggest (or one of the last) hits of her now stalled career.

From a DUI, to a stint in rehab, to another arrest, even some jail time thrown in here or there, Lohan’s tragically turbulent life has been like an endless carousel of drama, continuously swirling, whether by substance abuse, a string of romantic relationships gone sour, and parents who seem to love the spotlight more than their own “bread and butter.” Despite her personal and career troubles, Lohan continues to promise the public that she will get her career back on track, even going as far as being linked to a role in the upcoming Superman reboot with Brit Henry Cavill.

Although Lohan may have a prospect to relaunch her film career in the near future, its going to have wait until after her next court appearance (and possible sentencing) on Feb. 23.

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