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December 15, 2011  | by: Nicole Klock
Lindsay Lohan for Playboy

Lindsay Lohan for Playboy

Lindsay Lohan’s Playboy January/ February spread was leaked early this week by Hugh Hefner, due to all the excitement and hype. Everyone was eager to see a “rebirth” of the infamous bad girl who is now on probation and starting to get her life back together. In the magazine’s interview, she talks of her rocky journey and dealing with her arrests and sentences.

In the leaked photos, one can see that LiLo looks ravishing, with her platinum blonde hair and bright red lipstick in poses that are not overly done. In fact, the inspiration for them was Marilyn Monroe’s nude photos shot by Tom Kelley.

In 2008, New York’s Magazine Lohan did a very similar shoot to Monroe’s “The Last Sitting.” However, both of this news shocked me since the two starlets have almost the same lives. Monroe was involved heavily in drugs and alcohol during her later years of film making, which may have caused her death on August 5, 1952. Between that time, she was having trouble with her production companies and missing work, and they called her off set. She was always in the spotlight, or on the covers of magazines, and the fame had ultimately led to her downfall.

It’s scary to see that Lohan’s fate might be the same. The 25-year-old former child star has already been charged with drug possession and theft, and trying to find work while she can. That is probably why she took the $1 million pictorial in the gentlemens’ entertainment mag, which seems almost too good to be true at her time of need. Ironically,  Monroe did a Playboy shoot when she was in a rough spot in her life, and needed money for rent.  But should we really celebrate this “triumph” Lohan?

Lohan in New York, Monroe

I find it particularly eerie and creepy they chose Lohan to embody Monroe. It is almost like a warning sign for her to stop being such a party girl, and get a hold of her drug addiction before it is too late. She even quoted the sex goddess by saying, “Sex and sexuality are a part of nature, and I go along with nature. I think Marilyn Monroe once said that. I certainly agree with her…Knowing yourself and your body is so important because it gives you confidence, and in life, women need confidence.”

Whether LiLo admires her or just wants to become the next generation’s sex symbol, I can only hope she tightens her reigns and really keeps her life in control. We sure do not want to witness another Hollywood star have another Hollywood overdose.

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