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August 06, 2013  | by: Paris Close

Instagram (obessionxxx)


The words “drugs” and “alcohol”, have been synonymous with Lindsay Lohan’s name for a very long time, until now. It appears as though that dark cloud that’s been haunting Lohan’s life has finally faded and there’s a silver lining after all.

The star’s latest decision to live a life sas alcohol seems very promising and we could not be more happy for her.

Before Kristen Stewart came along, it was Lohan who first owned my heart. That was before she fell off the deep end during her stint with drugs and alcohol. Lohan’s descent into darkness was like witnessing a beautiful shooting star and all its shimmer, only to be blindsided by the deep black hole waiting ahead.

As you may know by now, I’ve always had a knack for clinging to the young women of Hollywood for inspiration: Kristen Stewart, Lindsay Lohan and Miley Cyrus, just to name a few. However, Lohan pioneered this trend because of her work in Mean Girls which single-handedly influenced an entire cultural movement towards perfection. While she’ll always be known as Cady, the girl from Africa who managed to destroy the infamous Regina George, Lohan has had many flicks which have contributed to her success as an actress such as: Georgia Rule, Machete and Liz & Dick.

Instagram (7ala_1)

Instagram (7ala_1)


Everyone knows that Lohan’s had one heck of a hurricane season this summer: court appearances, parental and legal troubles, all while undergoing her shaky rehabilitation. Despite the star’s problematic life, it’s truly gratifying to hear that after much treatment Lohan’s taking full advantage of all the assistance she’s been offered over the years.

Just recently, TMZ officials reported that the star has made fervent attempts to live life alcohol-free. Prior to her arrival at the Beverly Hills Hotel this week, Lohan requested that all traces of alcohol be removed from her room. She then took matters a step further, requesting her mother Dina put away the booze when she is visiting, and she now travels with a sober coach to keep her on the straight and narrow.

Way to go, Lohan! Perhaps Amanda Bynes’ family should enlist her into the Betty Ford clinic as well, it seems to be doing the troubled stars some good.

If there was ever a time to cheer and cry those tears of joy, it would be now. I am actually quite impressed with how determined Lohan is to get things back in motion and am glad she’s taking strides to escaping the abyss of drugs and alcohol. And as if the steps she’s taken weren’t already serious enough, Lohan is scheduled to appear on Oprah’s Next Chapter, which everyone knows is the go-to show to revive any career:

I believe in Lohan. I think she’s making all the right moves to reestablish herself as the actress she once was, and to prove to the world that she is still the girl we all grew to love since The Parent Trap.

I am rooting for her race to recovery! How about yourself? Tell me in your comments!!!

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