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January 24, 2013  | by: Kasey Kilinski
Flickr (BOB 103)

Flickr (BOB 103)


The train wreck that is Lindsay Lohan has been in and out of the news for years now. The once-was sweet starlet caught all of our attention in movies like The Parent Trap, Life-Size, Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Mean Girls was a movie made in 2004 that people continue to quote to this day. So what happened with LL? A lot of people say that entering the entertainment industry at a young age can only have bad results. But look at Tia and Tamara Mowry of “Sister, Sister.” They seem normal. They are both married with one child each and have a reality show on the Style Network. Maybe if LL hung out with them instead of Paris Hilton, her luck would have been better.

Reality shows seem to be all the rage these days. Everyone is doing it. But when Dancing With the Stars offered LL a hefty six figure  to participate in the upcoming season, LL allegedly turned them down. What?! I think a competing on DWTS would be perfect for her career. They are offering her chance to step out of her comfort zone and prove to the world that despite the fact that she has embarrassed herself in front of cameras numerous times that she is a real person with the best intentions. Plus, people would love to see this and the ratings would be high. It is also said that the wife of former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, Ann Romeny, also turned down a DWTS offer. But LL reportedly said that she is not interested in doing reality TV and would like to stick to movies. Must be because movie making clearly has been going so well for her lately….

With all the negative publicity LL has continued to produce, you would think she would at least try to clean up her act just a little bit. Instead, rumors of her being difficult to work with and a diva on movie sets repeatedly surface. How hard is it to show up on time and pretend to be amused? Her latest project is a movie called InAPPropriate Comedy which will be in theaters later this year. Sounds like the perfect project for her. It co-stars Adrien Brody, Michelle Rodriguez and Rob Schneider. Hopefully this movie will do well and LL can figure something out and get herself on a track that is a little more positive. I would not object against a Mean Girls reunion…

Would you watch DWTS if LL was on it? Do you think we will ever get a glimpse of the girl we knew in Freaky Friday again? Will you see InAPPropriate Comedy?

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  • Kelly Jean Kilinski

    All down hill for her after Mean Girls. Seems like she might not have the best parental role models. Hopefully things will turn around for her. Parent Trap 2?

  • Aimee Lynn Boylan

    I loved Mean Girls, but am not an LL fan. In fact, I don’t specifically tune into anything to watch her, she’s too much if a mess.

  • L a u r e n

    I will be honest, I wasn’t biggest fan of her even when she was young, although I often found myself watching her movies. I’d say I wouldn’t watch her in dwts, our see her new movie, but I wish she’d clean up her act, I feel bad for her.