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January 31, 2011  | by: Jasmina Cuevas

Lil Wayne

It seemed like 2010 was going to be a very difficult year for Lil Wayne. With an 8-month jail bid starting in March, everyone thought Lil Wayne would fall off the map.  But he did the complete opposite.  Before he was even released in November, Lil Wayne bounced back and kicked us all in the face!

Lil Wayne started his comeback before fans could even say that they forgot about him. While he was in jail, Young Money and Lil Wayne’s “Bedrock” video was on constant replay, his feature on Drake’s hit single “Miss Me” was all anyone listened to, and fans looked forward to his monthly letters. In between his letters, fans also got a full dose of Lil Wayne through hip-hop magazines and blog sites.

Lil Wayne was still one of the hardest working rappers in 2010 even behind bars. He released his album ”I Am Not a Human Being” in September.  His single “Right Above It” dropped in November, and Lil Wayne came in at number five on MTV’s Man of The Year list in December.

Once he was released, he continued on his motivating path to the release of another single, “6 Foot 7 Foot,” and rapped on many hit singles, like Nicki Minaj’s “Roman Revenge Remix.”

Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, and Drake - courtesy

As we all settle into the new year, Lil Wayne continues his hard work.  Lil Wayne was recently featured on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine.  In the article, he speaks about his experience in jail and his plans for the future. Lil Wayne has spoken about releasing an album with Baby for Father’s Day 2011 and a collabo album with Drake later this year.

Fans all look forward to Lil Wayne’s future work and know that he has set his sights on making 2011 his year.  Even though Lil’ Wayne does have some people rooting againist him, I think he will continue to focus on his music.  Lil’ Wayne is an amazing artist who many artists look up to, wishing they could be in his shoes (minus the jail time).  I believe that he has exceeded his potential and will continue to exceed and succeed.  2011 is just the start of the remake of Lil’ Wayne after his jail time.  I look forward to hearing more from Lil’ Wayne and will continue to be a loyal fan no matter what the haters say.

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