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January 16, 2012  | by: Wendy Vazquez

Lil Wayne and Young Money

Now skate and music fans alike can all have a piece of Lil Wayne thanks to the debut of his new clothing line, Trukfit, which is said to stand for “The Reason You Kill For It.” And catch this, his models were covered in silver paint while wearing his clothes. Just when you think you’ve heard of every celebrity with a clothing line, another one comes along. Curious to see what he actually came up with? Let’s just say, I was pretty surprised.

Russell Simmons and model

Of course, plenty of celebrities are rumored to be coming out with these “great” clothing lines, but how many of them actually go through with it? And how many are actually successful? Let’s just say when I heard Lil Wayne was coming out with a clothing line, I was a little skeptical about this amazing rap-artist  turning into a fashion designer.

According to MTV, Lil Wayne debuted his line at a Market Week event in New York City, inhopes of intriguing some buyers. There to show support was some of his Young Money crew, Lil Twist, Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, and Cortez Bryant. It’s said that both Zumiez and Karmaloop will carry the line. So I guess that means it didn’t do so bad with the crowds.

Lucky for us, Lil Wayne explains the meaning behind “Trukfit” to the masses: “When a person could spot a fake, they’d be like ‘you got on the truck fit,’” Wayne told fans at a Zumiez event earlier this week. “So now it’s cool to have on the Truckfit, ya dig!”

I’ve got to say that I really was surprised. But it wasn’t a bad feeling! Though I’m no skateboarder, I enjoyed the bright t- shirts and caps look. But I was impressed with the whole “silver” models idea. And the whole hip-hop-meets-skater-boy vibe was an extra nice touch. Even though not every celebrity has the hands-on design experience, I can confidently say that I see Lil Wayne in Trukfit.

So he threw a clothing line at us this year…I’m excited to find out what’s next!

Here are some pictures from the event:

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