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July 01, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

A small petite handheld bag

Bigger has always been better when it comes to bags and purses. The usual fashionista can never have enough must-haves for her long strenuous days, so the bigger the bag, the more convenient it is for her. This thought process has made a slight shift as smaller pouches become the new purse essential. The trend has gone from big arm accessory bags to the comfortable cross body bag to the chic hand-held pouch.

The new mini pouch is even a size down from the bigger clutch we all loved to carry, but that does not take away the power of this handy-dandy accessory. Think about it, everything these days is getting smaller and more compact, from electronic gadgets like the iPad to the sleeker and thinner models of laptops. It is only right that a girl’s most valuable possession (her purse) follow suit.

The petite pouch plays its role by not overshadowing the entire look, but accenting the outfit and completing the look. What makes this pouch so desirable is that it is small but offers various compartments for your everyday necessities. It also comes in many structural finishes, whether you like more boxier and rigid or flat and skinny, there are plenty of shapes to chose from. Also, with these compact joys it is easy to have fun by buying bright and eye-catching colors for the summer. Choosing bold colors allows your outfit to have that hint of extra attitude and spunk. Whether you wearing nautical stripes, prints or plain colors, the color of the bag should always have a life of its own.

Petite Pouches

Many bag designers have taken on this envelope-sized bag trend and added them into their collections. Designers have noticed and accepted that less is more with pouches because it does force the indecisive fashionista to make a decision, to decide what she NEEDS for the day. If big handbags are your ultimate favorites and you can’t put them down, the very petite pouch is something that can fit inside, and be like a female wallet. There are so many choices for these little lovables that it is hard to not add this into your bag collection.

A girl can never have enough bags in her closet, whether they be big, small, or smaller. The handheld works great for a carefree simple casual day, but it can also be the perfect accessory for the night out because isn’t hard to lug around. If you are a gadget guru and have all the latest gadgets in (of course) fashionable cases, add them to your new petite pouch and throw everything in a great messenger bag all by the same designer. If you haven’t noticed already, it is easy to make the petite pouch work for you. It’s the latest bag craze, so go crazy and find the right bold color to add to your wardrobe.

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