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September 09, 2011  | by: Martha Adjei

Chris Pine Dresses Up Without a Tie

I promised you I’d be back with a list of accessories you fellas could do without.  If you’re tired of wearing basketball shorts and team shirts every time you want to take it easy, here are a couple of no-sweat options that are guaranteed to have you looking great while wearing less.

1. Ties For you guys who can’t tie ties, this is your lucky day: leave them at home. Chris Pine is steamy in his stone colored blazer and white button up, sans tie. Leave the top button open to give the impression that you’re up for a little fun. Ladies will love you — it shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously, and you enjoy going against the grain. The best thing is you’ll still look dressed up without closing up your neck.

2.Chains Even Kanye takes a break from the chains every once and a while. I understand that some of you never take them off, which is fine. But if you think you have to have something around your neck to look fly, that’s not the case. Try a scarf on for size.  Especially if you’re going for the sensitive, coffee house look.

Johnny Depp Sporting a Stylish Wrap-around Scarf

3.Laces A sign of the 21st century- you don’t need laces! Shoes without laces show that you’re confident and edgy. You may not be able to pull it off with all kinds of shoes, but Converse lace-ups and Timberlands are perfect.  If you plan on wearing your shoes laceless, make sure they fit snug before you buy them.

4.Undershirt Believe it or not, girls love a simple guy. So if you’re stepping out in a hurry, just remember you only need one shirt to succeed in chic. Most of you have no problem dressing it down, but for those of you who feel the need to accessorize to the max, there’s comfier options. Try a basic tee with denim, khakis, or any other bottom. You can’t go wrong with a basic tee. I can guarantee they’re a girlfriend favorite, especially because they end up in our closet. Zac Efron really knows how to rock a basic.

If you want to look good but are pressed for time, these no-nonsense outfits will guide you to style and comfort on a busy day.  And no need to thank me.  A man’s preference to simplicity makes for effortless chic.

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