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October 05, 2012  | by: Jara Montez

JetBlue is offering 1,006 round trip flights

A month away from elections, the country in knee-deep into Presidential campaigns. With the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, and the first debate held Wednesday night, voters are starting to form an opinion on which candidate they will be casting their votes for on November 6th. In this incredibly close election, some have already made up their minds, and are set on leaving the country if their candidate loses. Well now they really can leave.

For free.

JetBlue is offering 1,006 round trip flights to the voters that do not win the election. Individuals will be flown to one of the companies international locations (Mexico, or the Caribbeans) for a temporary distraction from the loss. JetBlue released a promotional video for their “Live Free or Fly” Campaign on Wednesday, and provided directions to vote on their “Election Protection” website.

Clearly this is a marketing campaign to boost customers and ratings, but it ultimately solves nothing. The core of this campaign is completely negative, as it is rewarding disgruntled citizens. It seems fun to spend a weekend in the sun, but what will have changed when you return the to United States? The elected president will still be in office. At a time when feelings are high surrounding this incredibly contentious issue, there is no room to add more fuel to the fire. All JetBlue is doing is making the divide wider, and more emotional. Sure it is a way to call out everyone’s bluff that threatens to leave the country, but it is just not the right time to further aggravate the situation.

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