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April 16, 2011  | by: Alissa Katz

LeAnn Rimes

As much as I hate country music, I must dedicate this post to one southern gal who did a good deed, and should be acknowledged for it.

LeAnn Rimes recently showed off that southern charm by offering to donate unwanted clothing from her closet to a Twitter fan having some financial difficulty.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported the country singer was clearing out her wardrobe on Wednesday while she was on Twitter at the same time. Gotta love a woman who multitasks, right?

Rimes tweeted, “3 SOLID hrs of closet organization. Ok, so the ladies asked for the shoes…..they’re everywhere. Even on the back if the door……all organized though! The shelves are 3 rows deep under the bags! Everyone has a vice….mine are shoes and handbags :)

A fan of Rimes, Peggy Joyce, tweeted the country star asking, “Anything u want to donate to me? From OH and lost job and have a 16 month old. Bad year… just wondering if u have clothes or accessories u don’t want? Only one income coming in and extra money goes to son.”

The “Blue” singer, 28, immediately replied to the stay-at-home mom asking for her address and sizes.

And if that wasn’t nice enough, Rimes even told her she would take care of the shipping charges even though Joyce had offered to pay the expenses, according to

Joyce thanked her on Twitter, saying: “My lil guy Connor…he thanks you too! So sweet of you!!” The message was followed by a picture of her son. And, any post is good if there’s a baby in it.

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