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February 16, 2013  | by: Taja Whitted

Flickr (TajaW)


What does a skate boarder, a store manager, and a subway passenger  have in common? New York street style of course! As the weekend approaches New Yorkers stepped out in their most casual attire.

First stop, color.


Flickr (Tajaw)


During the winter months, most of us drown ourselves in sea of black or dark layering. This woman went against all odds and opted for a bright blue. Her crocodile texture clutch added sturdiness and balanced her outfit well. Here’s where you can get a similar version for $69.


Flickr (Tajaw)


Browsing the city streets, I noticed some pedestrians decided to ditch their coats in favor of leather jackets or heavy duty layers.  This woman mastered the layering look well by doubling on knit sweaters and favoring a bohemian inspired scarf. Incorporating tones of cranberry and forest green her style seemed very earthy.


Flickr (TajaW)


These two women mastered the personality piece. Both women are outfitted in black and white but they add personality and quirkiness by incorporating color and prints. Tired of the same old blue jean? Opt for mint green! And no one can ever wear enough cheetah, except maybe Snooki.


Flickr (TajaW)


Accessories come in all shapes and sizes. This American Apparel worker really knew how to work her 80′s inspired glasses and hair bow.  On low key days, leggings and an oversized sweater dress are comfy but look cute with a big floppy bow.

Flickr (TajaW)

Flickr (TajaW)


As they all went about their errands, I couldn’t help but spot this skateboarder. Rocking a graphic chunky knit he was able to add class with his fedora. The burnt orange and the plum colors work well together and it was surprising to see a male incorporate color into his outfit so early in the season.

What do you think of their street style?

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