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March 18, 2011  | by: Lakin Starling

So word just got in that Lauryn Hill is giving her concert goers in Atlanta, Ga another complimentary and free show. Back in January, she performed at the Atlanta’s intimate venue The Center Stage, but fans were not pleased. Ms. Hill must have been aware of the mediocracy of the concert because she made the decision to have another go round.

Hill claims due to a late start, she believes her fans did not have the great musical experience that she had intended for them, and for that she owes them this second concert. I was currently in Atlanta, and the feedback was not positive after the concert. There was word that Hill was not on time and she sang off key during the whole show. As a life long fan, I could be biased in believing that Lauryn had intentions on delivering a good show, however her past experiences have taken away from her live performances because she has detached herself from being a people pleaser. Rightfully, so.

However, on the comeback, she’s got to come hard. Fans are deserving of the concert, and she deserves to have another chance to share her beautiful craft with those who love her. So if you went to the concert or know someone who did, good news ! There’s another chance, March 30th at The Center Stage in Atlanta, to see Ms. Lauryn Hill in concert again.

I’m sure it won’t be anything short of amazing.

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