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August 15, 2013  | by: Neil Protacio
Twitter (LadyGaga)

Twitter (LadyGaga)


Hopeful fans around the world have been anticipating this very moment when Mother Monster would appear to them in a golden aura with promises of salvation from evil – or you know, Justin Timberlake tracks. In response to tha,t and because of premature leaks, Lady Gaga has emerged, painted in the ashes from the glorious volcano she erupted from, with an emergency release of a high quality “Applause,” the new track off her new album ARTPOP.

And umm, honestly, it’s not much to celebrate.

Before I go any further, let me just hide underneath my desk because I know how violent you monsters get. You can listen to the track here.

Now, I’d like to say this: Lady Gaga had some pretty sick tracks when she was first got some airtime on the radio. I am and I remain to this very day a fan of her explosive first single “Just Dance” and all its reincarnations thanks to radio remixes. I even still bump “Judas” from her last album, Born This Way. It’s hard to keep your ass still when Lady Gaga is associated with putting your inhibitions aside and just rocking out. It’ll be okay, she reassures us. And so I twerk.

But the thing about her new song “Applause” is that it’s not necessarily groundbreaking. The track, as it appears, just seems to be an indicator that yes, there is a pulse. Gaga is still alive and making music. But it’s nothing more than a placeholder. It’s no indication that she got any better or more creative, or is in any way trying to push any fringes she once did in her last album.

True to the Lady Gaga vibe, “Applause” has the uptempo electro feel with a bit of a rock carry that is reminiscent of 3OH!3 or Cobra Starship. The song is just blatantly in your face, aggressive, and uplifting in the same way a drag queen might lift up her fishnet stockings. Essentially, the song is a huge middle finger to the world because Gaga’s in the music scene for the  applause, the applause, the applause. Nonetheless, despite its invigorating tone, the track is unoriginal both in message and production, undeserving of an applause itself, and therefore falls on an “eh, whatever” pile.

No doubt the music will blare on the car stereos of monsters across the nation and no doubt her stance on LGBT issues will see it jammed in gay clubs, but to say that this track is what Gaga epitomizes in terms of originality greatly downplays some of her songs that are much better than this. If Gaga wanted to come back and bonk her critics and fans over the head with something fresh and inspiring, perhaps it’s back to the drawing board. Scrap the ARTPOP idea and go with something different.

Let me remind you all of this remix of “Born This Way” and a single from her last album called “Yoü & I” are prime examples of how far-out and stellar Gaga can pump out that raw vocal of hers. Other than that, “Applause” is something that could’ve been squeezed in for her already jam-packed Born This Way album.

C’mon Gaga! I’m still rooting for you!

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