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June 02, 2012  | by: Christopher Burns

Lady Gaga in a spherical headdress on Ellen

Apparently, Lady Gaga isn’t quite yet weird enough for her own taste. In a not-so-shocking press release, her producer said that her newest album will feature the totally unexpected. It is pure marketing gold that a story as weak as this has become front-page MTV news.

Having passed the ridiculousness of Elton John’s 1980′s outfits and the hyper-sexuality of Madonna during the same period, Gaga sees herself as destined to become the weirdest, most unexpected performer the world has ever seen. But… can it ever end? In her plight to become the most original singer/songwriter of all time, is Lady Gaga even original at all?

The corporation Gaga has masterfully built around her name will function whether or not the pop singer is even still alive. Like Michael Jackson’s estate, the Gaga brand will trudge on regardless of the singer’s existence within it. However, by continually changing her image and keeping her fan base in suspense about these changes, she draws immaterial (in the most literal sense) attention to herself.  From a business standpoint, it’s brilliant. However, Gaga continues to maintain the misbelief that “she” is not a corporation. As far as the singer wants her fans to believe, she is a single, righteous singer making a stand against societal norms.

Lady Gaga is said to deliver even more of the unexpected with her new album

This is simply not true. The Lady Gaga who stands against bullying and the oppressive nature of American society (in so many words) is no more a real person than Milli Vanilli. “Lady Gaga” is simply a marketing tool — nothing else.

While many artists draw attention to themselves via album releases and music news, Gaga has made herself the news. This does not, however, place her in a category all by herself. All great pop icons are, although few, are in one way or another just as reliant on the person as the music. Elvis danced with more sexual energy than a white performer had ever used; Michael Jackson was…. Michael Jackson.

Lady Gaga is no different. Her fame is more relative to how well she stays ahead of the fashion curve than to how well her albums sell. She has become a billboard before a musician. And it’s a damn shame.

Though her music is well-crafted and her activism for gay rights applauded, one cannot ignore the total fakeness of the identity which is Lady Gaga. She has used her image to seduce fame and has admitted it to her fans repeatedly, but they keep coming back for more.

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