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December 03, 2011  | by: Aubrian Body

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is one of those iconic pop stars that we dream about. We watch her every move (whether we admit it or not) and try to be fearless like her in our everyday lives. She has taken the music world and turned it upside down. She’s performed with and for some of the world’s greatest and has crossed barriers that other pop artist strive to get to. She has become a fashion icon, wearing pieces that scare some but inspire others. She’s the ultimate entertainer and has proven her acting, dancing, and singing abilities numerous times. We know that Gaga, we all know that one. But who is she underneath? Photographer has released his Photo Book of Gaga and he captured that very question.

Lady Gaga Signing Autographs

The photos really inspired me and really showed a side of Gaga I don’t get to see. It showed her praying with her team and dancers before a show and signing autographs under a fence just for her fans. She really loves them. There are some other photographs of her doing typical Lady Gaga stuff like laying in a plastic casket and rinsing blood from her body in the shower after a show on the Monster Ball Tour. In Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson, the photographer caught images of the starlet and her parents and how close she really is to them. There are images of her dad giving her a kiss on the forehead to images of Gaga and her mom giving the infamous “ra ra” paws.

I applaud Terry Richardson for his artistic vision and for being a great photographer. He captured Gaga’s most sensitive moments like crying backstage at the MTV VMA’s and relaxing doing Pilate’s in next to nothing. Those moments we don’t see, those are the photographs that cause you to feel connected to someone you’ve never met. That’s what photography is about and Terry Richardson did exactly what a great photographer does.

In an interview with Access Hollywood Gaga discussed whether the photos were forced in anyway and she explained how in some of her photos she wears bras and panties to bed and loses the heels but whenever she gets out of bed she has them back on. She says that the rawness of the photo is that she has on the heels but her hair isn’t done and she has no make-up on.

Stefani being...well normal.

In my opinion why would someone spend 10 months with an artisit to create forced images? The time frame wouldn’t make sense because Terry could have easily spent two months and been done, but this man took almost a year!

The photo book is truly inspiring for fans and artist alike and we can learn a lot about photography and Lady Gaga at the same time. At only $50 it is seriously amazing to have such art captured into a book of our generation’s pop icon and have as a memory to share with our kids in the future just as our parents told us about the greats of their time. It also makes a great Christmas gift for those little artists in your family

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