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June 27, 2011  | by: Ashley Vaughn

Kourtney matching with son Mason

The Kardashians are everywhere! From their two hit sitcom shows on the E! Network to their various television commercials and the cover of every magazine, it seems one can’t indulge in enough of the Kardashian family. Everyone has their personal favorite because the family is so hard not to love. But Kourtney Kardashian makes you love her for so many reasons.  She makes motherhood look sexy and easy, she is hilarious with her blunt yet comical personality, and her short petite body frame is the perfect canvas for any outfit.

Kourtney is obviously the shortest of the three older sisters, but not even the fashionable Kim can wear clothes so effortlessly adorable like Kourtney can. Kourtney can wear something simple like a t-shirt and leggings with bone straight hair, no make-up (except for a pop of red color on her lips) and an over-sized watch, and she makes you want to wear that exact look the next day. There is something stylish and sexy about the way Kourtney wears her clothes, as though she puts no effort into looking gorgeous everyday, yet everything about her fashion ensemble is flawless.

It is no secret that Kourtney has an adorable little son, Mason. She gets the joy of matching with her little bundle of joy, showing that motherhood can be fashionable. This is a good thing for mothers to take note of, because many feel like they can no longer be sexy and fun after giving birth. Kourtney shows that even with her little one being a boy, she can match him, making menswear inspired pieces look good on her while still having her son looking youthfully masculine in his boy clothes.

Kourtney on a date with Scott

Kourtney makes her family look as though they are walking right out of a cover shoot for the latest fashion magazine. For a date with just her and her husband, Scott, she looked amazing in a classic summertime, feminine sexy number. She wore a a casual short sleeve Rebecca Minkoff top with ruffled shoulders, paired with adorable short Bec and Bridge shorts, a breathtaking vintage necklace and nice cork bottom Louboutin heels, accessorized with a Balenciaga bag and Tom Ford sunglasses.

This outfit may be high in price range, but this look can be done within your budget and still have the same high quality effect. Shop at stores like H&M, Forever 21 and/or Nordstrom to find something similiar yet affordable to the outfit Kourtney was wearing.

That is what is so loving and relatable about Kourtney.  Whether dressed up or down, she wears clothes that the average woman has in her closet.

Whether you’re a mother that is looking to get her spunk back, or a younger woman who wants to make sure her look is effortless yet still fashionable, Kourtney Kardashian is a perfect example of what to keep in your closet. Basic staples that one can always find on Kourtney include an oversized bag that can accessorize well with many outfits, sky high yet comfortable killer heels, a simple loose fitting top, and your favorite staple accessory. Kourtney Kardashian makes motherhood, family and fashion look easy.   For your look this summer, make it easy, simple but still fashion worthy, just like Kourt.

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