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July 30, 2011  | by: Stepfanie Aguilar

Kina Grannis

One of the early YouTube sensations, Kina Grannis, recently released a music video that was shown on MTVU. Grannis is a 25-year-old acoustic singer-songwriter who won the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest in 2008. She sang “Gotta Digg,” which gained a wide audience with commercial time at the Super Bowl XLII. Since then, she had signed with Interscope Records and is now with One Haven.

Music has always been a part of her life, ever since she was a little girl. While academics were important, her parents still supported her pursuit in the music business. She graduated from University of Southern California with honors.

Some of her music influences include Imogen Heap, Feist, James Taylor, and Iron & Wine.

Back in April, when Cliche Magazine asked about the effects of YouTube popularity on her personal life, Grannis said:

“The biggest way it’s changed my personal life is that I’m just much more busy than I was pre-YouTube, so there’s less down time to just hang out.  The good thing is, I absolutely love everything I’m spending my time doing, so I don’t mind that at all.  Doing YouTube videos regularly has probably also helped me open up a little more, too. At first, I was so awkward making them, but after forcing myself to do it over and over again, I think I’ve become a little more comfortable with myself–but no less awkward.”

After a few years of exposure over the Internet, she now has a video available on MTVU, as mentioned earlier. Doesn’t she look beautiful and quite pure-spirited?

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