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December 05, 2012  | by: Angela Gamba

Islamic protestors

Kim Kardashian’s three-day trip to the Middle East resulted in an outrage from Islamic protesters.¬†Kardashian traveled to Bahrain and Kuwait last week to launch two new Millions of Milkshakes shops. However, not everyone was happy about her presence.

More than 50 protesters demonstrated objections to Kardashian’s appearance. One civilian’s sign read, “None of our customs allow us to receive stars of porn movies.” Some even said they were worried that she would be the cause of bad behavior spread around the country. Riot police actually had to use tear gas to get the protesters to evacuate.

Despite her “bad reputation,” many fans paid over $1,000 to watch the celebrity launch Millions of Milkshakes inside The Walk Bahrain, an upscale mall in Manama. It was reported that police used stun grenades to stop the “hysterical” fans trying to make their way inside the store.

Kim’s cutout white dress

It must be said that Kardashian was wearing a white, tight-fitting cutout dress to the franchise launch. Prior to her trip, Kardashian promised to educate herself on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I think she should have researched the culture before choosing that cutout dress! Her wardrobe choice probably made the situation worse. Perhaps she would not have had so many protesters if she had worn more conservative outfits during her trip, like most visiting women do.

Of course she has the right to wear whatever she wants to, but do you think she was tasteless is choosing her wardrobe for the Middle East? Leave your comments below!

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