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April 24, 2013  | by: Leigh Badrigian
Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 10.39.45 PM

Instagram (kimkardashian)


Finally…a celeb normal women can relate to!

It seems nowadays everyone and their mom (ahem…Halle Berry) is getting pregnant getting pregnant getting pregnant! Not only that, but these celebrity women just love to gush over how pregnancy is the best thing since chocolate (which, no doubt, they must be craving). And the birth itself? Painless, perfect, magical, beautiful, blah blah blah blah blah. Beyonce (ugh…queens), Gisele (ugh…supermodels), and Angelina (ugh…perfect-faced women)…they loved every minute of it!

I bet they didn’t even break a sweat, smudge their perfectly applied makeup, or stain their designer johnnies! Hell, Sienna Miller even said she’d do it “a million times again!” Whaaaa?! Must celebrity women get a free pass for everything? I wanted to kiss Miranda Kerr’s feet when she said she thought she “was going to die” giving labor. Let’s tell it like it is, ladies.

Enter Kim Kardashian. A woman who’s physically flawless (at least she thinks so), and who normal women have absolutely nothing in common with. However, as you know, the gal is preggers…like major…and, bless the darling, she’s telling it like it is.

Normally, it’s hard for Kim to share the spotlight with anyone, and now that she has to share it with her baby, her body is physically rejecting the concept. Her and pregnancy are not two peas is a pod, that’s for sure. She admitted this during the Kardashians’ recent interview with Ryan Seacrest.

She says in the interview that “people just aren’t as honest with the body changes” and so she’s going to speak the truth! Amen, sistah gurl! Let’s hear it!

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 10.41.42 PM

Instagram (love_the_fame_)

“I was waiting for this amazing experience,” she says, “where I can just do whatever I want and eat whatever I want…feel great.” Well, Kim, hunny, you don’t have to get pregnant to experience this. You can do this on the daily sans little baby! Heck, that’s what I do! Except, there’s this side effect…something called “weight gain,” that I’m not too fond of.

Anyway, needless to say, Kim’s expectations did not match her reality. “It’s just really painful everywhere.” It’s so bad that she’s even telling sister Khlo to do anything BUT get pregnant! Khloe says Kim calls her up and yells “I HATE THIS!” Poor baby!…Kim, I mean. Not the actual baby.

Though sympathies to the baby as well. This pain Kim is having is probably the baby’s cry for help! I mean, the little one must know that the minute he or she comes out of the womb it’s going to be difficult to get any attention from his or her rents. Kim’s going to be too busy calling the paps up to auction off the baby’s first pics (omg what if she auctions off the actual baby?!). Meanwhile, Kanye will let the nurses finish the delivery, but he won’t stop telling them that Beyonce had the best birth of the year. I mean, the baby’s just going to be neglected! Kim having a painful pregnancy is just the baby kicking around in there yelling (or rapping) “I’M HERE! IT’S ABOUT ME, REMEMBER?!”

But at least Kim’s being honest about the whole thing. I must say, it’s a bit refreshing to hear that it’s not all daisies and bubbles (or rainbows or kittens or whatever) when it comes to pregnancy. But man, Kim like really hates being pregnant. I don’t think she’ll ever want to go through it again. And she’s got to go through nine months of this?! She must be thinking…”Gawd, why can’t pregnancy only last as long as my marriage?!”

Want to see Ryan’s interview with the Kardashian girls? Check it out here!


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