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April 23, 2012  | by: Christopher Burns

Credit: Albert Michael/startraksphoto.com

Just a week ago, I wrote a post regarding Kanye West’s involvement in Kim and Kris’s divorce proceedings. Now it seems it was more relevant to pop culture than I ever imagined before.

Kanye West, rapper and entrepreneur, was called by Kris’s attorneys to testify at his divorce proceedings last week, but no one was quite sure exactly what Kanye would have to say. Some wondered if he would testify about Kim’s desire to “use” her marriage in order to make a ton of cash off her reality show, while others speculated that his subpoena would expose infidelities riddling the Kim and Kris marriage. However, it seems like he might have been called because of his own close relationship with Kim which has, in recent days, been exposed as a full blown relationship.

Only months following her 72-day marriage, Kim has taken to Mr. West, and the two seem to have set up a serious relationship. My fellow EMC bloggers pondered this occurrence, but recent events have certainly confirmed that the two A-list celebs are certainly dating… for real.

Last night the two were seen dining with Kim’s parents, and reports say that Kanye made a great impression on them. Though he is well known for his ridiculous antics, it seems that when faced with mommy and daddy on the other side of the table, West can put on a reassuring face and make a good impression. The Kardashian family, according to TMZ, is fully supportive of the relationship and sees them as a “good couple.”

And so, it comes down to the nitty gritty: was Kim Kardashian cheating on her new husband with Kanye West this entire time. A pop culture blogger can only hope these details emerge sometime soon

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