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October 28, 2011  | by: Emily Longeretta

Kid Rock

He’s still a cowboy, baby, but this time, he is helping out those in need. After the great success of Kid’s last album, Born Free, the rap-country-rock-and-roll singer is creating a “Greatest Hits” style record including all of his genres. Except instead of his greatest hits, it will be new songs…we’re not sure how that works either, but he’s doing it for charity, and to keep him away from his “dangerous” ways.

After raising his son as a single dad, Kid Rock explained in an interview with Reuters that he was left with nothing to do now that his son is off at college. Kid laughed, confessing, “When I get free time with no responsibility, I’m dangerous.” So he gave himself some. He thought it was the perfect time to start giving back to charity. The “Care” fall tour goes back to Kid Rock playing at smaller venues, and returning to charity work.

“I went and talked to the band and we were thinking about ideas for the song ‘Care’ and the sentiment of the song relates to my foundation (The Kid Rock Foundation) doing well…I thought, ‘What if we did that with ‘Care’?  Pick the towns where I want to play and give away some money.’ Now, we’re going in and doing a good thing and giving away close to the amount of money that we’re going to generate…really put our hands on the shoulders of a person, a family, someone in need in that town.”

Kid Rock is no new guy to charity work. He works through Jim Beam for Operation Homefront, which has raised money for the families of those serving in the military. It seemed like a match made in heaven to him. “That relationship with Jim Beam has been perfect not only for rock and roll and what I really like to do — drink and play rock and roll — but then do it with Operation Homefront too.”

As much as he enjoys it, Kid does struggle with talking about charity work in general, he told Reuters. “It makes you feel good, which is selfish in a little bit of a way,” Kid says. “There were things I did early on that I would never say anything about…Then I started to realize, if your heart is pure, if you say something about it, it does influence people and make other people feel good too.”

Kid Rock is also the founder of The Kid Rock Foundation, of which the mission states on Kid Rock’s website: “I can’t stop the war, shelter homeless, feed the poor. I can’t walk on water. Can’t save your sons and daughters. I can’t change the world to make things fair. The least that I can do is CARE.” The Kid Rock Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit raising funds for and awareness of local and regional charities helping disadvantaged children, victims of war and natural disasters, and those suffering from illness.

Kid Rock’s plans for a “Greatest Hits” album will include all of his favorite types of music… which is everything. “I still love to do rap songs with rock guitars, I like country-sounding southern rock stuff, I love to make heavy rock, I love the blues stuff. Every day I feel different about music, but what never changes is my love for it. So that’s what I want to do, put all that out there because I really enjoy it.”

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